Ian takes on countless forms, so complete documentation of them will be impossible, but some have been converted into playable Mii Fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a way of viewing their characteristics and powers in simpler ways for humans to understand.

The Fighters Edit

Listed below are screenshots taken of the Mii Fighters of Ian's forms that currently appear in the game. All screenshots are currently from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Including his base form and excluding variations brought on by custom effects and Master Ian, there are at least 81 known and documented playable Mii Fighters of Ian's forms.

Ian (base form) Edit

Ian (base form)

Iaeon (Ian's Attack Forme) Edit


Iaeon II (Ian's Defense Forme) Edit

Iaeon II

Iaeon III (Ian's Speed Forme) Edit

Iaeon III

Tan Ian Edit

Tan Ian

CrashHoopr Edit


Master Ian (Swordfighter) Edit

Master Ian (Swordfighter)

Master Ian (Brawler) Edit

Master Ian (Brawler)

Master Ian (Gunner) Edit

Master Ian (Gunner)

Blue Ian Edit

Blue Ian

TheCoolIan Edit


TheCoolIan (glow) Edit

TheCoolIan (glow)

Mad Ian Edit

Mad Ian

Super Ian Edit

Super Ian

Sharp Ian Edit

Sharp Ian

marIANette Edit


marIANette (Bob-omb) Edit

MarIANette (Bob-omb)

Red Ian Edit

Red Ian

Red Ian (Bob-omb) Edit

Red Ian (Bob-omb)

Wow Ian Edit

Wow Ian

Wow Ian (Beam Sword) Edit

Wow Ian (Beam Sword)

Scary Ian Edit

Scary Ian

Scary Ian (glow) Edit

Scary Ian (glow)

Spooky Ian Edit

Spooky Ian

Turbo Ian Edit

Turbo Ian

Pizza Ian Edit

Pizza Ian

Pizza Ian (Ray Gun) Edit

Pizza Ian (Ray Gun)

HipsterIan Edit


Buff Ian Edit

Buff Ian

ChampIan Edit


Fish Ian Edit

Fish Ian

Little Ian Edit

Little Ian

Lucky Ian Edit

Lucky Ian

Lucky Ian (glow) Edit

Lucky Ian (glow)

Lucky Ian (glow + Home-Run Bat) Edit

Lucky Ian (glow + Home-Run Bat)

VillIan Edit


BarbarIan Edit


VegetarIan Edit


UnluckyIan Edit


HolidayIan Edit


HolidayIan (Home-Run Bat) Edit

HolidayIan (Home-Run Bat)

Army Ian Edit

Army Ian

Sports Ian Edit

Sports Ian

Long Ian Edit

Long Ian

Ian Ian Edit

Ian Ian

Ian Ian (glow) Edit

Ian Ian (glow)

CrustacIan Edit


CrustacIan (Home-Run Bat) Edit

CrustacIan (Home-Run Bat)

SimIan Edit


ItalIan Edit


Throw Ian Edit

Throw Ian

LibrarIan Edit


Hard Ian Edit

Hard Ian

Turtle Ian Edit

Turtle Ian

King Ian Edit

King Ian

King Ian (glow) Edit

King Ian (glow)

Tool Ian Edit

Tool Ian

Man Ian Edit

Man Ian

SimIan 2 Edit

SimIan 2

Shoe Ian Edit

Shoe Ian

Bored Ian Edit

Bored Ian

Iaan Edit


Limp Ian Edit

Limp Ian

Iax Edit


Iax (glow) Edit

Iax (glow)

Proto Ian Edit

Proto Ian

FIanline Edit


Land Ian Edit

Land Ian

Sauce Ian Edit

Sauce Ian

Moon Ian Edit

Moon Ian

Shop Ian Edit

Shop Ian

Lost Ian Edit

Lost Ian

Mega Ian Edit

Mega Ian

Knight Ian Edit

Knight Ian

Stop Ian Edit

Stop Ian

Blake Ian Edit

Blake Ian

Lid Ian Edit

Lid Ian

Lid Ian (glow) Edit

Lid Ian (glow)

Jesus Ian Edit

Jesus Ian

Found Ian Edit

Found Ian

Point Ian Edit

Point Ian

Great Ian! Edit

Great Ian!

Iankling Edit


Ian.EXE Edit


I0n Edit


Block Ian Edit

Block Ian

TekkIan Edit


TekkIan (Glow) Edit

TekkIan (Glow)

Step Ian Edit

Step Ian

Sleepy Ian Edit

Sleepy Ian

AlIan Edit


L Ian Edit

L Ian

Space Ian Edit

Space Ian

Power Ian Edit

Power Ian

Piece Ian Edit

Piece Ian

Grass Ian Edit

Grass Ian

Knian Edit


Knian MkII Edit

Knian MkII